Prime Property Management Common Question

How can you convince us that you can offer a quality service at a fair cost?

Common questions we get asked

We regularly review our service experience with contractors we use and discuss improvements and suggestions.

Internally we are frequently in contact with directors reviewing progress and our service via emails, conference calls and/or directors meetings. We review our fees in comparison to the market and feel they are competitive.

  • Right to manage

    Prime are strong supporters of the right to manage process, because we passionately believe that lease holders should be in control of their blocks. Prime have carried out numerous successful London right to manage claims in recent years with positive results in every case.

  • Prime's process

    Prime value proactivity, transparency, communication and efficiency to ensure your property is managed to the upmost level. We have our own in-house accounts and legal teams to ensure expert knowledge forms the basis of every solution we provide.

  • Service pricing

    Our prices are based per unit - This is subject to attending site and reviewing the services in place and if the leaseholders have additional requirements.