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What is a section 20?

27 June 2019

What do I need to do with this Section 20 information?

You’ve just had a letter, email about an upcoming Section 20 process that is going to be starting imminently. That’s great but, what does that actually mean and what do you need to do about?

What is a Section 20?

As with lots of legislation, if you head straight over to the official website, we wouldn’t blame you if it all got very confusing very quickly.

So we’ll pluck out the highlights for you;

A Section 20 notice or consultation is the legislation that requires landlords and/or Management Company to make you aware that they are about to undertake works which will cost any one Leaseholder more than £250 (whether this is paid for out of the reserve fund or demanded as an additional levy).


What do you do next?

You’ll be told why the work needs to take place in the first letter, A Notice of Intention, and you have 30 days to ask any questions or make comments.

As well as being able to ask questions, you can also nominate a contractor to quote to do the work if you want to.

As Leaseholders paying a service charge, it is only right that you are given notice as to what may be coming next in your development.

Once the estimates and quotes have been collected, at least two need to be obtained, they’ll be sent around to residents, in the second letter, Notifcation of Estimates in which we invite Leaseholders to have a look at and make further comment, you have 30 days to ask these questions



Once a contractor is selected, all leaseholders will be informed and how much, if anything, each leaseholder has to pay. This is the notification of Award of Contract


In summary

A section 20 exists to give leaseholders a chance to be involved in the selection of contractors and keep the management of a block as transparent as possible.

Our opinion is that there is no question, comment or view too small to be aired as part of this process and you should feel comfortable to put forward your point with confidence and safe in the knowledge it will be listened to.


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