TrustPilot: What It Is And Why We Use It

3 June 2016

TrustPilot is a website that publishes online reviews for businesses, and they publish these reviews as soon as they are completed by the reviewer. The reviews that appear on the site are produced by the users or customers, and these cannot be deleted or edited at the company’s own discretion. Anybody can post a review, provided they have an email account or Facebook login which is required to access the site. Once reviews are posted, companies can respond to them if they believe the review made is contradictory or falsified, or if they wish to thank a positive reviewer or respond to a negative reviewer.

Now we have explained a little bit about what TrustPilot is and how it works, it would be a good time to explain why Prime Property Management uses it. There are not very many property management companies that use review websites, perhaps because some do not trust whether reviews are real or fake. The authenticity of a review has been an issue in the past with review websites, including TrustPilot, but after rigorous and independent investigations, TrustPilot has scoured its site and removed false reviews in a bid to show that it is a trustworthy website to use. We use them because we believe that it is important for property management companies to focus their attention on customers, who are the ones businesses rely on to provide income. However, if companies wish for customers to keep coming back, they need to ensure customer satisfaction levels are high, and one way to facilitate this is through reviews.

Having independent reviews are important for us as a company, as it helps us to improve our business as well as increase customer satisfaction. At the end of the day, it’s what the customer thinks that matters, and if they are happy with how we have been servicing their needs, then it will keep us on the right path in creating the best service that we can provide. We believe that having publicly displayed reviews on a site such as TrustPilot will raise standards of the company, not demean them. It’s a great tool for companies to use today, and a great way for customers to have their voice heard. As a rule, it’s always been known that the customer is always right, and if a customer has a bad review, then it must be listened to and the issue must be rectified. This should yield a better relationship between a company and the customer, and therefore the company’s reputation of always improving its services will be known to other competitors.

This is why we at Prime Property Management use TrustPilot; so we can prove that the customer is always right.