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Covid-19 – Latest News

In response to the Prime Minister’s announcement on the 23rd March, we have closed our offices and all staff are working remotely.


Our latest news

10 April 2017

House Prices Fall For First Time In Nearly Two Years

Prime Minister Theresa May has officially triggered Brexit; Britain’s departure from the European Union. As we await the full impact of the nation’s removal from the rest of…

21 March 2017

Rent In London Falls For First Time In 7 Years

As a nation struggling with a ballooning housing crisis, there have been a steady stream of mounting issues that have reportedly exacerbated the situation, with the recent stamp…

14 February 2017

Can The Housing White Paper Help The UK Housing Crisis?

In property news this week, the Telegraph has mentioned in one article about the government’s proposals to attempt to make amends to the UK housing market when it…

30 January 2017

Stamp Duty’s Threat On The Housing Market

We have reported previously about the effect the stamp duty has had on the housing crisis, deteriorating its already unstable condition as if it was a virus attacking…