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28 June 2017

Homes Sold Continues To Rise Despite Stalling Asking Prices

In the capital, the number of agreed sales on properties were on the rise this month, the Evening Standard has reported, however, the asking prices on homes has…

5 June 2017

Property Market Holds Breath As Buyers ‘Wait And See’ Election Effect

As reported before, property experts have been uneasy about what Britain’s departure from the EU will mean for the housing market, and many have been cautious about the…

5 May 2017

Fall In House Prices Again In April

As we continue to monitor house prices in the UK, it is important to understand the impact of what Brexit will do to the housing crisis. The trend…

10 April 2017

House Prices Fall For First Time In Nearly Two Years

Prime Minister Theresa May has officially triggered Brexit; Britain’s departure from the European Union. As we await the full impact of the nation’s removal from the rest of…