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Covid-19 – Latest News

In response to the Prime Minister’s announcement on the 23rd March, we have closed our offices and all staff are working remotely.


Our latest news

30 June 2017

UK Property Sales In Buy-To-Let Falls 50% In A Year

The buy-to-let sector has taken on much of the scorn of governmental changes to the property market, with tax increases and fluctuating house prices, and this has all…

28 June 2017

Homes Sold Continues To Rise Despite Stalling Asking Prices

In the capital, the number of agreed sales on properties were on the rise this month, the Evening Standard has reported, however, the asking prices on homes has…

5 June 2017

Property Market Holds Breath As Buyers ‘Wait And See’ Election Effect

24 May 2017

House Prices In The Capital Fall

After it seems like an eternity of reporting on the never-ending increase in house prices in London and around the UK, there have been recent signs in a…

5 May 2017

Fall In House Prices Again In April

As we continue to monitor house prices in the UK, it is important to understand the impact of what Brexit will do to the housing crisis. The trend…