How To Find A Good London Property Management Company

10 September 2015

When trying to find a London managing agent for your block, it can be quite a tedious task. There are many companies offering block management in London, and you need to find a way to choose the right one for you and your development. Many property owners look for guidance and advice to point them in the right direction, so here’s a few tips how to find the right company for you. Where can you find a good company that can do this, and what should you look for?

The government lease advice website has some independent advice on how to choose a managing agent (read it in full here: They recommend that leaseholders consider the following of the prospective managing agent:

  • the experience of the managing agent and how many years it has been operating for
  • whether the agent has the necessary insurance and is registered under the data protection act
  • how close the agent’s offices are and how often they will visit the premises to be managed
  • examples and references from other blocks that the agent manages
  • the fee structure, any extras and whether the fees include vat
  • how contractors are chosen and appointed
  • the safeguards in place for retaining client funds
  • how the managing agent deals with unpaid service charge bills
  • an example contract between the managing agent and a residents’ management company
  • any professional or trade associations that the agent belongs to

It’s important to check if the company has any extra services or hidden charges. Our company promises no hidden charges, but many others charge for company secretarial fees, meeting minutes and major works. If you want everything in black and white, and want the full package, then try out our services. If you want to be able to have everything done for you without having to compromise, that’s what we are here for. Our company also believes in being there for leaseholders (we don’t act for freehold investment companies), and we specialise in block management, so those who need guidance and assistance in managing an apartment block need not look any further. We promise our customers that we always strive for the best value from the service charge – after all, it’s your money!

We are members of the Ombudsman Services (Property) for an independent overview of complaints where necessary. We fully comply with the RICS code of practice for managing agents (download a copy here).

So, when you are looking for a London property management company with guaranteed value for money and that also offers the complete range of services for your needs, choose one with no hidden charges, with many years of experience in the field, and that specialise in what you need. Since we tick all those boxes, why not give us a try?