Epsom, Surrey

These leaseholders were so frustrated with their previous block managers that they took them to a tribunal because of the high cost of the service charge.

They were paying nearly £500/year each in buildings insurance alone! They got in contact with Prime after the case and we looked over all the details at no cost to them, before making our recommendations. As a result the leaseholders asked us to claim the right to manage for them. We successfully carried this out and have reduced the cost of their buildings insurance by a staggering 70%.

Client testimonial

We were paying sky high prices for our block management and it wasn’t even very good. We’d taken our agent to tribunal but we didn’t realise we had the legal right to choose our own manager. Prime guided us through the whole process and kept us up to date throughout. We’re so happy that we chose them – our insurance costs have plummeted and we’re using the money we’ve saved to improve out block. I’d definitely recommend Prime.

Sanjay, Epsom